Hi, I'm Shane. I have been fortunate enough to work with an extensive range of technology, but I am always eager to learn more. I enjoy working in the IT industry, as it enables me to help others and come up with creative solutions to problems on a daily basis. Even when not putting out a technical fire, I am able to help my coworkers by creating better documentation and more efficient processes, and building automation and integrations that improve technician day-to-day.

I've had consistent experience with programming since I was a teenager - I'd been in front of a computer each day after school from the age of 6, and was dishing out websites using HTML and Flash before I was 13. My first experience with an MVC framework was Apache Struts, when in my second year of AP Java I built a Help Desk ticketing system for my high school. Shortly after high school, I landed my first job was as a .NET developer, where I was tasked with modifying the existing CRM/accounting software. The business was under new ownership and the system was quickly becoming more and more out of date; They were able to bill cost-per-copy clients for black-and-white machines only, until I added the ability to bill for colour copies.

While I enjoyed coding, I was young and inexperienced, and I had many other creative interests that I had not yet fostered. I stayed on part-time as a System Administrator while going to college for audio engineering and programming. During this time I became heavily involved in the Oakland arts and music scene, particularly the noise and cloud-rap scenes. I've been lucky enough to work with some incredibly talented artists, as a producer and as a recording engineer. Shortly after graduating college, I returned to my career in IT, where I quickly climbed the ranks from an entry-level Help Desk Engineer to the IT Service Manager. I had the opportunity to build custom integrations and deploy servers and self-hosted services. The most notable of which is a NODE-RED API server that enables us to time-track on tickets inside ZenDesk and automatically populate our Google Calendars, from which reports are generated and hourly clients are billed. This completely reignited my passion for coding, which burns even stronger today.

Soon after, I enrolled and graduated from a high-paced, full stack boot camp, where I started several open source projects with other students, notably ConcertShare and OpenPledge. Now, I can't get enough of it and obsessively study CS concepts and new frameworks and languages. I've reached an advanced and confident level with Javascript, ReactJS, Python, and Django, and am currently focused on adding Java, Go, and Vue.js to my skill set.

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